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HGUI Component Set

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Components for Tailwind CSS is a component library created with Tailwind CSS. Currently, there are 181+ responsive components ready to use for $30.

  • 404 Components
  • Action Card Components
  • Avatar Components
  • Button Components
  • Buttons Groups Components
  • Call to Action Components
  • Descriptions List Components
  • Ecommerce Components
  • Features Components
  • Header Components
  • Notification Components
  • Page Heading Components
  • Pricing Components
  • Products Components
  • Radio Groups Components
  • Stats Components
    • New version is on the air in 1 week
  • Status Card Components
  • Table Components
  • Teams Components
  • Testimonials Components
  • Vertical Navigation Components

181+ premium components and will be updated weekly to reach over 400+ components by the end of the year.


  • Reactjs and Vuejs version (On the air on December 31)
  • Dark mode version (On the air on December 31)
  • Figma design (Coming Soon)

I love TailwindCSS, but I hate the clutter of TailwindCSS in my HTML, so I pride myself on using as few TailwindCSS classes as possible.

The components are built to be able to enter any website currently using TailwindCSS.

Why Should I Buy HG UI Kit TailwindCSS Components?

  • Good question, here are a few reasons:
  • Get all current and future components
  • It will be updated every week.
  • Tried and tested on production websites
  • Clean HTML, no complicated TailwindCSS classes
  • 30-day full refund if you're not satisfied, no questions asked
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HGUI Component Set

2 ratings
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